History & Philosophy

My self-employed activity started in 1995 and has since gone through a major evolution. We started in Boom and later moved to Herselt. I have often worked as a subcontract for companies that are active in various sectors such as custom design furniture, yacht building, furniture restoration, organ building, marquetry, musical instruments construction and construction companies specializing in classic fixtures with old building materials. I usually work in the interior, but I have already worked in the South of France and in the heart of London. We have a strong admiration for honest pure natural products such as solid wood, veneer, natural stone, metal, glass. These elementary materials give the furniture or interior a timeless look.

– What you see is what you get –

A strong design with beautiful proportions combined with strong technical expertise with a certain degree of difficulty leads to a durable end product that will stand the test of time.


We specialize in making tailor-made single furniture and complete fittings. The dimensions are drawn up according to the existing dimensions and devices of the house. As in the making of a kitchen, the running lines, storage, comfort, material, ergonomics, light, ease of use and style are specifically taken into account according to the wishes of the customer


Professionalism is a term that is of paramount importance to us. Both the love for traditional craftsmanship and contemporary high-tech techniques are used to put together a new creation. The present meets the past as it were and vice versa. For 23 years I have been passionately teaching the
profession of furniture making for adults.


We try to listen as much as possible to the needs of the customer and to satisfy him. By using sustainable materials and the right technical processing, we can guarantee the quality/price ratio of the furniture. We make clear professional appointments together with the customer in order to achieve a strong end product that you will enjoy for many years is our goal.

Custom designs

We have designed a number of realizations ourselves. A selection of a number of pieces, including a garden bench with hand-sawn Madagascar palisander planks that are connected to beautiful traditional connections such as the known dovetail joint. Dining table with dimmable colored RGB lighting, whose tabletop is inspired by a boat floor. Garden gate / mailbox with rough oak beams and iron forgings. Side table in palisander inspired by Japanese art. Loudspeakers with an oval cabinet shape plastered with African padouk veneer and a wooden horn for the high tunes.


I was born on 1968 in the heart of Bruges. The microbe woodworking I got during my youth when I got a suitcase from Saint Nicholas woodworking tools, since then has this beautiful profession no longer let me go. It is a very versatile and creative craft using it essential natural product ‘wood’ that is a great future is shaved.

I’ve been studying woodworking since I was 12 years old followed: I started with woodworking in Ghent and higher completed technical training in Bruges. Then followed I am still a 7 ° specialist furniture restoration year.

After my studies, I went to southern France to apply the organ building course for 5 years.  I have the possibility of restoration over the whole of France to do and place new church organs. Also, I have been allowed to make a suitcase organ with it plane traveled the whole world and finally also won the first prize at an international competition classical music in my hometown of Bruges.

In my later career, I have the following experiences gained: Responsible furniture restoration in one restoration studio next to Brussels, the setting up of yachts, music box construction, instrument building, restoration of music clocks, modern design customization, marquetry, spraying techniques, lacquering, joinery, stairs, roofs etc. Meanwhile, we have 38 years of experience in the wood sector and I have been teaching woodworking for 23 years to adults.

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